Workshops of the Modern String Quartet take place again and again all around the world. Junior artists, classical string quartets and everybody interested in music get the opportunity to catch some insight into the secrets of jazz and improvisation with the help of one of the most famous European crossover quartets.

Description of the workshop:
Improvisation and jazz on stringed instruments – solo, groove, arrangements, spontaneous composing and much more. The workshop helps to deepen and enhance your art in these areas. Improvisation is in the center of jazz, as well as other forms of “world music“. We practice playing in an ensemble, working on harmonic theory, improvisation, rhythm and phrasing as well as finding an improvised melody. In addition we study the great masters with their recordings.

All string players (violin, viola, cello, bass) and ensembles who are interested to get more in touch with “the other“ music for strings (jazz, blues, swing, pop, funk, bossa nova).

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